Medical services are either provided by the house doctor or by a GP of your choice. You are welcome to retain your usual GP if they are willing to come to Leslie Groves and accept the policies and procedures of Leslie Groves as related to the provision of medical care.

Registered Nurses are responsible for the planning of your care and for overseeing the work of the caregivers. At Leslie Groves registered and enrolled nurses are supported by the Clinical Nurse Specialist, the Quality Manager and Nurse managers in planning and providing 24 hours/day, 7 days a week to provide support to the registered nurses who are on duty providing your care.

Your day to day care will usually be provided by experienced caregivers, supervised by registered and enrolled nurses. Leslie Groves offers an extensive ongoing training programme for caregivers, including the opportunity to obtain externally recognised qualifications. In-house education covers a wide range of areas. 

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