Day Programme

Operating from Monday to Friday the Day Programme is available for older people assessed as requiring this service but is also available for those wanting to attend in a private capacity.

Those attending are picked up from their homes in the morning, subject to safe access, and taken to Day Programme Centre at St Johns Church, Highgate, Roslyn.

During the day attendees will enjoy socialising and participating in a wide variety of leisure activities before being driven home later in the afternoon. Transport, morning tea, a main midday meal and afternoon tea are provided as part of the service and included in the cost.

The Leslie Groves Day Programme is designed to meet a variety of goals – physical, social, emotional and occupational.

Participants are provided with a variety of stimulating and enjoyable activities which maintain cognitive, physical and social functioning. The activities are carefully designed so that participants can share their knowledge and skills. We feel that it is important to get to know each individual so we can incorporate their interests and life experiences into activities and discussions.

Our two facilitators, Wendy and Bob, have a combined 40 years experience working with older people and facilitating activity programmes. We would love to meet and discuss Day Programme options for you.