Leslie Groves Mailbox

Keeping Communication Lines Open

Here at Leslie Groves we had to come up with new ways for our residents to stay in touch with family and friends during lockdowns. Leslie Groves purchased several tablets so residents could stay connected with loved ones.

Visiting can be either very limited or restricted. Our staff provide comfort and reassurance to our residents minimising uncertainty to those who would normally be visited personally. The tablets have become a very popular medium for residents to keep in touch and maintain important links with family and friends especially during lockdowns.

With world wide travel restrictions continuing the tablets are still in demand for our residents who have family living overseas and unable to return to New Zealand. It is a wonderful way to have a chat and see each other and is fast becoming part of daily life.

Virtual visiting will continue for residents whose family lives overseas and are not going to be able to visit. “It is a really great way of seeing each other, hearing a voice, seeing grandchildren on the screen.”

We have also introduced our Mailbox. Family and friends not able to visit due to distance or for health reasons can 'write' a letter. Photos or other information can be uploaded and 'posted'. The letter will arrive into our reception email and we will print it off and 'deliver' it to the resident.